is a free web application that provides METAR/TAF* monitoring facilities to the aviation community. Its mission is to contribute to aviation and enhance flight safety.

When the current METAR & TAF reports no longer describe the ongoing weather or the forecaster feels the report is not representing current or expected weather, an improved weather monitoring service is a must. This can be particularly helpful in situations where weather conditions change instantaneously. This application comes into play in the effective monitoring of instant changes, improving early replanning during every phase of the flight.

    Features of the application:

  • Popup and sound alerts according to user defined Airport visibility and ceiling threshold
  • Alerting Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) amendments and corrections.
  • Calculates Wind Components (Cross Wind, Head Wind, Tail Wind)
  • Standardized colors according to Flight Categories (IFR, LIFR, MVFR, VFR)
  • Sorting by Flight Categories (worst to best) (LIFR, IFR, MVFR, VFR)
  • Standardized colors on weather phenomena (-RA, -TS, SN, +TSRA, +RA, etc.)
  • Bulk, singe, multiple searches with “starts with letter” (LT, ED, EH, UKBB)
  • Bulk search with “country code” (~TR, ~DE, ~NL)
  • Auto update & check interval
  • Monitoring enroute weather
  • ICAO code search by IATA or Airport Name
  • Other personalized alerts will be added (Wind Shear etc.)


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